GreenTec Media Inc.


GreenTec Media Inc. is focused on media storage and media content management for video and large data applications for local, remote and cloud-based storage systems.    Our emphasis in the minority business sector for high-performance large storage solutions to protect data from manipulation and hackers.

Read-Only WORM disk drive (Write Once Read Many) technology provides the ultimate in secure high-speed storage systems that scale from 500GB up to multiple Petabytes.  The WORM devices provide hardware-level protection for file systems and data and are not by-passable regardless of operating system (Windows, Linux etc), permissions or systems used.   WORM enforcement stays with the disk wherever it goes.  WORM protected disks cannot be edited, changed, deleted, modified or re-formatted.

Organizations today have demanding needs to ensure that their sensitive data is cyber-protected.  Considerable damage could be done if critical or sensitive files are deleted or altered either accidentally or intentionally.  All types of records must be protected to avoid disaster, fraud, loss, business interruption, hacking, dispute or legal actions by ensuring the integrity of your data.  Email, forms, documents, pictures, video, audio, transactions, reports, audit data, system audit log files, certifications and other files need to be protected.  Some typical applications for WORM media are:

  • Cyber-protectionPrevent hackers from modifying or deleting web data
  • Law Enforcement – Video and audio digital evidence collection, permanent audit logs
  • Simplified Chain-of Custody – Easier handling and transport procedures
  • Medical Records –  Patient & Doctor information, procedures, prescriptions, insurance, medical imaging, reports, financials
  • Personnel Records –  Payroll, human resources, insurance, performance reviews, resumes, forms
  • Corporate Records –  Corporate filings, intellectual property, inventory, DCAA audits, PCAOB audits
  • Compliance Reports –  SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank records retention compliance, HIPAA, DCAA requirements, audits
  • Financial Records & Transactions –  Accounting, taxes, bank &, vendor records
  • Libraries – Video, Audio, Books, Music, Documents, Files, Content
  • Legal Documents – Registration, litigation, intellectual property
  • Contract & Business Records – Agreements, contract paperwork, purchases, proposals, management reports