GreenTec Media Inc.

WORM Read-Only Disk Media

GreenTec’s WORM media solutions include both internal WORMDiskand external WORMDrive™ and rack chassis solutions.  They may be used with, or without GreenTec integrated WORM management application software systems.   All WORM disk media systems are compatible with Windows, Linux, OS/X, VMware and other operating systems.

WORM media may be used as local storage internal to servers or workstations, as Network Attached Storage (NAS) for file system access or a Storage Area Network (SAN) block level Logical Units (LUNs) for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and VMware.

Internal WORMDisks may be mounted inside of standard servers and workstations.  The WORMDiskinternal disks use standard common SATA interfaces so they work with most computers.

WEB Pic WORMDisk(tm)

Internal WORMDisks may be used in 1U,  2U,  4U, 5U and 8U systems with removable hot-swappable trays as shown below, providing and unlimited amount of storage for your needs.

WEB Pic Ninja


External WORMDrives™ may be attached via USB or eSATA cables to laptops, workstations or server systems.

WEB Pic WORMDrive(tm)

For External WORMDrive rack-mounted applications, the 4U  24-bay chassis holds up to 24 WORMDrive™ units (12 front, 12 rear) and are eSATA connected and easily removed and replaced in the chassis.

WEB Pic 24-bay chassis